Program Themes

Common to the Three Sections

  • Cell-based immune therapy for transplantation
  • Comparison of new therapies for type 1 diabetes
  • Immunosuppression/tolerance
  • Immune monitoring for rejection
  • Clinical outcome of cellular transplants
  • Encapsulation of cellular transplants
  • The nexus between inflammation and innate and adaptive immunity
  • Technological advances in islet isolation
  • Generation/regeneration of beta cells
  • New horizons in transplantation: gene editing, 3D printing, organ generation


  • Artificial pancreas
  • Islet autotransplantation
  • Metabolic assessment of function after islet or pancreas transplantation
  • Pancreas and islet transplant registry update
  • Pancreas transplantation for non-T1DM indications
  • Pancreas transplantation: immunosuppression and technical aspects


  • Barriers to clinical application of xenotransplantation
  • Donor genetic modification for xenotransplantation
  • Islet xenotransplantation
  • Organ xenotransplantation
  • Tissue xenotransplantation


  • Hepatocyte transplantation
  • Muscle, bone and cartilage transplantation
  • Neuronal transplantation

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